Recensione di art*science 2017/Leonardo 50 su “Il Sole 24 Ore” / A review of art*science 2017/Leonardo 50 on “Il Sole 24 Ore”

 E’ uscita una bella recensione di art*science 2017/Leonardo 50 di Elena Giulia Rossi su Il Sole 24 Ore del 6 Agosto, che proponiamo di seguito.  Here enclosed a beautiful review of art*science 2017/Leonardo 50 by Elena Giulia Rossi on Il Sole 24 Ore, August 6, which we propose below (in Italian).    

Deadline per gli atti fissata al 15 Settembre / Deadline the proceedings set to September 15

Dear art*science 2017/Leonardo 50 presenters, thank you for your precious participation to art*science 2017/Leonardo 50. We are very glad to have started with you a major event hoping (as well as willing) to continue this great experience. You know that we are going to publish the conference proceedings, and that the deadline for receiving your papers has been set by July 31. We already received some texts, but some of you pointed out that Summer and vacations are a blessed season which tends to overcome any delivery time, in real life and possibly even in paper’s drafting! We want the [more]