art*science 2018 – Art & Climate Change

Scientific Committee

art*science 2018 has an international Scientific Committee with, in alphabetical order:

Roberta Buiani (I, CDN), interdisciplinary artist, media scholar and curator based in Toronto, co-founder of ArtSci Salon at Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences and co-organizer of LASER Toronto. Her work explores how scientific and technological mechanisms translate, encode and transform the natural and human world. Her work is mobile, itinerant and collaborative, shown at various art festivals in Europe, North and South America. She teaches at York University.

Annick Bureaud (F), art critic, curator and event organizer about art and technosciences. She is the director of Leonardo/Olats, Leonardo/Isast’s European sister organization, and is co-founding member of the Collectif Nunc. She has written numerous essays and articles in various languages and has organized and curated symposia, conferences and workshops in many parts of the world. She has taught in several art schools and universities in France and abroad, including the School of the Art Institute in Chicago/SAIC and the University of Quebec in Montreal/UQAM.

Pier Luigi Capucci (I), lecturer, theoretician of representation and communication technologies and of the relationships among arts, sciences and technologies. He has taught in various universities and academies in Italy, and from 2013 to 2018 he has been the Director of Studies of the Ph.D. T-Node of the Planetary Collegium (University of Plymouth). He has numerous international publications and participation in conferences all over the world. He founded the first Italian online magazine, NetMagazine/MagNet, on the relationship between art and technology. He is the president of Noema, a Web magazine on the relationship among science, technology, art and culture.

Giorgio Cipolletta (I), transdisciplinary artist and media theorist, professor of Visual Arts and Technology at the University of Macerata. He is a member of Noema, <mediaversi> and Rivista di Scienze sociali editorial staff. He has written in various academic journals and has published the book Metrobodily. For an aesthetics of transition. He has won numerous International poetry awards and has participated in exhibitions with installations and multimedia shows (Corpus 2012, Chaos 2013, Bookquake 2017). He is vice president of CrASh (Creative Art Shocking).

Nina Czegledy (CZ, CDN), media artist, curator and essayist, lives in Budapest and Toronto. She has collaborated on International projects and participated in workshops, fora and festivals all over the world. She has numerous publications on books and magazines in Europe, North and South America and Asia. She is president of Critical Media, a Canadian institute, a member of LEAuthors and of the Leonardo SpaceArt Network. She is a UNESCO representative for the DigiArts project for Africa and the Arab States and for YASMIN, a mailing list on the interactions among art, science and technology in the Mediterranean rim.

Luis Miguel Girão (PT), founder of Artshare, the Art Expert of NATO, his research concerns European and transatlantic politics on the relationships among art, science and technology. He is a transdisciplinary artist who applies technology to art, his work has been presented all over the world. Member of the Planetary Collegium (University of Plymouth) and of the Center of Sociology and Music Studies at the New University of Lisbon. Coordinator of the STARTS (Science, Technology and the Arts) project, to improve innovation in industry and society by involving artists in European research and development projects to explore unconventional solutions.

Advisory Board

Beyond the Scientific Committee an Advisory Board is being created, including the people, Institutions and Organizations that support art*science 2018.

Paolo Chighine, CESI, Milan

Barbara Dondi, La Comunicazione Diffusa, Bologna

Raffaella Morselli, Università di Teramo

Michele Orsi, La Comunicazione Diffusa, Bologna

Elena Giulia Rossi,, Roma

Mario Savini, Università di Teramo